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To look slim, trim and fit requires you to have diet discipline and strictly maintained work-out regimen. If you are young your physical outlook defines your personality and goes a long way in helping you achieve your professional and personal goals. Those who have acquired unnecessary weight invariably become a butt of joke in public life. Their mobility is limited and it affects their efficiency at work place as also at home. They get easily exerted and lack stamina. Generic Xenical Orlistat 120mg which is available online helps you fight obesity and effortlessly get rid of weight. And you can safely rely on it as it has almost no side effects.

Xenical 120mg online helps those who are over-weight or fat people to go slim and trim. The component Orlistat works in a unique way once it enters your body. It gets assimilated with the digestive enzymes called Lipase to break down fat so that your body doesn’t absorb it in any ways. Excess amount of calories and fats consumed by way of food is stored in the body as undesired fat which results in weight gain.  Orlistat works wonderfully as the enzyme pancreatic Lipase is stopped from converting triglycerides from food into fatty acids which in turn influence weight gain. These undigested triglycerides are thrown out through bowels out of the body. Also the key component Orlistat doesn’t allow the food to get converted into proteins and carbohydrates resulting in effective weight loss. Orlistat blocks close to one third of the fat in the food you eat from being digested.

How do I take Generic Xenical Capsules (Orlistat 120mg) ?

For effective weight loss and treatment of obesity Xenical 120mg (available online) is recommended along with low calorie diet. A proper diet chart or nutrition programme chalked out by a professional health expert while using Generic Xenical produces best results. If you do not follow the diet chart strictly and binge on food with extra calories and fats or over drink (alcohol) the effects of Xenical 120mg will nullify and you may again put on weight.

Capsules of Xenical 120mg should be taken whole with water three times a day during or up to 1hr after your three meals which should ideally be on fixed time. Well balanced diet with foods and fruits that contain on average 30 to 35% of calories from fat should be taken. Eat lots of green leafy vegetables, drink good amount of water and avoid having fatty, high calorie junk food and beverages sold on streets to counter hunger and thirst. You can skip taking a capsule of Xenical 120mg if you have skipped a whole meal or had meal containing no fat. So in order to gain optimum results from the drug your body should be in the process of digesting dietary fat.

Who should use Generic Xenical 120mg?

Xenical should be taken by adults (above 18 years of age) who have been prescribed by medical practitioner for the treatment of obesity and weight management alongside a low-calorie diet. 

Should you set targets while taking Generic Xenical Capsules (Orlistat 120mg)?

Yes, you should make a Target Plan before setting yourself on the first dose of Xenical as it is advisable to go with a proper road map towards effective weight loss.

  • A Target Plan of 3 months is made to check your body’s response towards Xenical 120 mg. This target is 5% of your weight before you start with the first dose. If you succeed in reducing 5% of your weight within 3 months without any significant side effects then you are eligible to continue with the dose up to 2 years. Carry your weight loss chart to your pharmacist every time you go to buy fresh stock of Xenical..
  • If you gain weight within first three months of starting Xenical then you have to stop the dose immediately.
  • If you do not get desired results with Xenical there is no need to panic and feel disillusioned. You can take a break of 6 months and restart the dose after consulting your medical practitioner or health expert.

Who should not use Generic Xenical Capsules (Orlistat 120mg) ?

Xenical is not advisable if you are hypersensitive (allergic) to any of its listed ingredients viz. Microcrystalline 20 cellulose, sodium starch glycolate, sodium lauryl sulphate, povidone, gelatine and titanium oxide. Xenical is used only to treat obesity and achieve weight loss alongside a low calorie diet. It should be strictly avoided by those having healthy weight and near perfect body frame. Before buying Xenical it is advisable to consult medical practitioner or diet expert.

Precautions to be taken in case of side effects

You should essentially be in touch with your health expert if you experience these signs of allergic reaction - difficulty in breathing, swelling on face, lips, tongue or sore throat. In case of following severe side effects you should stop taking Xenical.

  • Severe pain in lower back
  • Blood in urine, irregular or no urination
  • Erratic mood swings, drowsiness & dry mouth or throat
  • Breathing issues, weight gain, severe swelling
  • Fast heartbeats, severe pain in upper stomach leading to back, nausea and vomiting

Avoid taking Xenical Capsules (Orlistat 120mg) if:

  • You experience or have malabsorption syndrome
  • Liver disorders
  • You are under aged (below 18 yrs)
  • You are pregnant or are breastfeeding your baby

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