Privacy Policy

At, we respect privacy of our customers, and put our best endeavors in providing the same. You are completely safe with us and can rely on us fully. Our privacy policy will give you the reasons for relying on us leaving all fears aside. Our main aim behind all this is to ensure our customers that they are in safe hands. Thus customer’s privacy is our major concern. To achieve the same we have nicely streamlined 


Our privacy policy.

We at do not share any of our customer’s information with any third party. Our main objective is to safeguard personal information and confidentiality of our customers. After all our customers’ trust is our main weapon in striving our online business. Fraud of any type will lead to our downfall only. That’s why we are committed to meeting all privacy standards that every online business should provide to their customers. Our privacy policy principles are mentioned below. Read them carefully to avert any doubt.


Safeguard Customer’s Account Details

While customer places an order with us we ask for some account details like shipping address, billing name, email address, phone number and credit card information, and some other information. Don’t fright in providing as these information are asked just for the purpose of maintaining your order. Your personal information are fully safe with us and are not revealed to anyone. At our place also they can be accessed only by our superior officers.


Customer Can Anytime Modify Their Info

Customers at have full hold over their account. The information we ask for is only for the business purpose and do not do any amendments to it. We give our customers full right to do any type of change, like, improve, modify, adjust or erase, with their personal data that has been collected. Also, information of customers remains with us till they have an account with us.


Security Guaranteed


To maintain the security of personal information of our customers is our primary goal. All the information is completely secured with us and is not revealed to any third party in any case.


Unsolicited E-mail (Spamming)

We at strictly follow the measures that control spamming of any kind. It makes our privacy policy all the way more secures. We never send promotional offer mails to our customers without their permission. If anytime you find that someone is trying to violate our anti-spam policy please contact us immediately.