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Skin is one of the most delicate part of the body that requires timely care, but there are several skin conditions that are caused due to several reasons which further leads de-beautifying the skin. One such medicine is Benoquin cream that is developed to provide relief from one of the most terrifying skin condition called Vitiligo which is in generally terms referred to as depigmentation of the skin. Generally, this skin complication is hereditary that is passed on from generations to generations. Due to vitiligo whit skin patches are forms on the skin that is because of lack of pigmentation in the skin called melanocytes or melanin that is responsible to give color to the skin. Vitiligo affected skin is extremely delicate and prone to external factors such as rashes, sun burn and other such factors.

Benoquin cream comes in an ointment forms that can be easily purchased from an online pharmacy at a low cost that is less than the value of the medicine in the market. Benoquin online also makes it cost efficient to buy it online as the medicine gets delivered at your doorstep without much of a hassle for you to visit the store. You can also buy Benoquin online in bulk quantities and get attractive discounts on the total purchase cost which makes it much cheaper. Order Benoquin online and apply on the vitiligo affected skin for a regular time frame until the issue is properly treated to satisfaction.

Action Mechanism of Benoquin Cream for Vitiligo treatment

With the help of Benoquin cream and the main ingredient in this medicine called monobenzone (monobenzyl ether of hyquinone) the depigmentation can be reduced. Monobenzyl functions byfree radical formation in the skin and destructing the remaining melanocytes. The main ingredient of this creamalso inhibits thetyrosine enzyme that produces melanin in the skin. Once the pigment producing enzymes are blocked the skin does not produced the pigmented skin and the overall skin tone matches to that of the vitiligo affected skin.

Application of Benoquin Cream for Vitiligo treatment

Benoquin cream comes in an ointment form that needs to be applied directly on the affected areas. Before applying the medicine, it is essential to ensure that the skin is clean and dry. Wash yourself with a soap less wash and clean it till dry. Apply this medicine with the help of an applicator, finger tips, gauge pads, or with a spatula. If applying directly with hands ensure that your hands are clean and dry and after application of this medicine ensure that you clean your hands and medicine applied hands do not come in contact with your sensitive areas. It is suggested to apply Benoquin cream 3 times a day daily for 4 months so that effects can be seen.

Side effects of Benoquin Cream for Vitiligo treatment

Every medicine comes with a set of side effects that might vary from individual to individual. The side effects may also vary on the intensity of the complication. Therefore, it is recommended to use this medicine only after consulting the doctor.

Following are some of the side effects of this medicine.

  • Sensitivity to sunlight and UV rays
  • Mild skin irritation
  • Itching and redness at the site of application
  • Skin redness

Precautions of Benoquin Cream for Vitiligo treatment

  • If you are allergic to the main component of the medicine called monobenzone then do not use this medicine a sit might worsen the situation
  • Online Benoquin is a fairness cream, it is meant only for people suffering from vitiligo, thereforedo not use this medicine to make your skin fairer.
  • Benoquin online should be used only after consulting the dermatologist as they will be the best to provide complete information on the product and suggested the right application method of this medicine.
  • After applying this medicine do not expose your skin to the sunlight directly as the skin becomes sensitive to the UV rays that are emitted from the sun.
  • To protect the skin from UV rays and sunlight use thick clothing to prevent direct contact and apply a sunscreen lotion to protect sunburns.
  • Do not use Benoquin along with other cosmetic medicines as the chemical reactions may lead to certain effects on the skin.
  • Doctors suggestion and recommendation is useful for proper treatment.

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