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Apcalis oral jelly as the name suggest is a soft jelly like medicine for the treatment of erectile dysfunction in men. This medicine manufactured by AuraChem Ltd. is the generic counterpart of the brand equivalent Cialis. Apcalis oral jelly is well known in the market for its long lasting results. Similar to the branded medicine Apcalis oral jelly is effective for 36 hours. Erectile dysfunction can be effectively treated and men can ward off this disorder with the help of this medicine in an oral jelly like form.  Apcalis oral jelly in an oral jelly like form is easy to gulp as it does not require crushing or breaking the pill. Apcalis oral jelly functions faster than any other generic medicine. Erectile dysfunction is caused when the male reproductive organ does not receive enough blood supply resulting in loose erections. Apcalis oral jelly with the help of the chemical element tadalafil gets dissolved in the blood smoothly and eliminates the factors causing erectile dysfunction in men.

Erectile dysfunction is caused when the male reproductive organ does not receive enough blood during sexual intercourse. Due to erectile dysfunction men are usually in confidence as they are unable to satisfy their lady in bed. Impotent men stand no status in the society which makes them unwanted and make them stressful. Apcalis oral jelly is one stop solution that will solve all the issues related to this sexual disorder. This oral jelly is easy to consume, fast working and provides satisfactory results that can be enjoyed for more than a day i.e. 36 hours.

Men in their older age find it difficult to gulp hard medicines therefore Apcalis oral jelly was invented for easy consumption of the medicine. Apcalis oral jelly is a generic medicine which is low cost as compared to the branded medicine. The most important aspect of this medicine is that it starts working faster than other medicine due to its jelly like form. The jelly gets immediately dissolved in the blood as soon as it is consumed and provides result within 20 minute of consumption. Apcalis oral jelly is safe to use by impotent men as it has the same features and functions like the brand equivalent Cialis. Complying with the Food and Drug Administration standards, this medicine has been approved as safe and effective treatment of erectile dysfunction.

Buying Apcalis oral jelly is not a hassle anymore, you can buy Apcalis oral jelly online from various online drugstores that provide this medicine at low cost. The online drugstores provide complete details on the webpage which is user friendly so that the customers get complete insight of the medicine before buying. Apcalis oral jelly comes in a sachet that has to be gulped completely without the aid of water. Treatment of erectile dysfunction has become quite easy and convenient for men affected by this sexual disorder. You can buy Apcalis oral jelly at one click of the mouse from online drugstores.

Working of Apcalis oral jelly Tadalafil Jelly

The PDE5 enzymes in the body get saturated in the arteries and veins that carry blood to the male reproductive organ. These enzymes are responsible for loose erections in men, as the male reproductive organ requires increased supply of blood during intercourse.  The main ingredient in Apcalis oral jelly is Tadalafil which is a PDE5 inhibitor. Tadalafil removes the clogging caused by these enzymes and increases the supply of blood when the man is sexually aroused for sexual intercourse. Apcalis oral jelly gets dissolved in the blood within 15-20 minutes of its consumption and starts working immediately to provide long lasting erections that sustain for 36 hours. This medicine is functional on impotent men only, it not an aphrodisiac to enhance the sexual drive of a man. Since this medicine is effective for 36 hours its is recommended to  keep a gap of 36 hours between two medicines in order to avoid side effects due to overdose.

Dosage of Apcalis oral jelly Tadalafil Jelly

Apcalis oral jelly is an easy to consume medicine for erectile dysfunction treatment. This medicine has to be consumed following the dosage in order to get best results from this medicine.

Apcalis oral jelly is available in variation of dosage such as 10mg and 20mg.

  • This medicine has to be consumed directly, consuming with water is optional according to the convenience of the user.
  • The entire sachet of Apcalis oral jelly has to be consumed at one to get the best results. Simply squeeze the contents of this medicine in a spoon and gulp it, this medicine starts working immediately.
  • This medicine is in a jelly form which gets easily dissolved in the blood as soon as it is consumed.
  • It is recommended to consume only once in 36 hours to avoid side effects.
  • To get quick results of Apcalis oral jelly consume it on empty stomach or after a low fat meal.

Side effects of Apcalis oral jelly Tadalafil Jelly

Apcalis oral jelly has few side effects, that are mild and does not cause major problems. It is recommended to consume Apcalis oral jelly following proper precautions. The side effects of this medicine are not same for every individual; they vary from person to person depending on the immunity of the consumer. The following are few side effects that can be experienced after consuming Apcalis oral jelly.

  • Headache
  • Facial flushing
  • Upset
  • stomach
  • Blurred Vision
  • Temporary Bluish Vision

The mild side effects of Apcalis oral jelly fade away within 2-3 hours of consumption, if the side effects pertain for a longer time than it is recommended to stop using this medicine and visit the nearest emergency centre or the doctor to get the side effects treated.

 Precautions of Apcalis oral jelly Tadalafil Jelly

Precautions are the important part of a medicine, it is important to read the precautions at least once before using the medicine and follow them whenever consumed. Apcalis oral jelly has a few precautions that are general and easy to follow.

  • Apcalis oral jelly medicine is meant for men only that are suffering from erectile dysfunction.
  • Do not drive or operate machine after consuming this medicine as it may cause headache, blurred vision, and dizziness.
  • Men suffering from heart disease, liver, and lung disease should not use this medicine directly without consulting the doctor. The elements in this medicine may cause serious effects on concurrent use of medications.
  • Apcalis oral jelly should not be used with along with any other medicine as it may lead to chemical reaction that can be fatal to life.
  • Avoid consumption of nitrate based drinks, grape fruit juice, alcohol and smoking which may lead to ineffectiveness of Apcalis oral jelly.
  • It is recommended to store this medicine is a cool and dry place, do not store the bathroom.
  • Apcalis oral jelly should not be consumed by women and it should be kept away from kids and pets.
  • If you are allergic to the elements in Apcalis oral jelly especially tadalafil than it is recommended not to consume this medicine.

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