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This drug is used to promote wakefulness and alertness and helps increase concentration. So it is sort of antidope to a drug like Zopiclone. It is mostly used to treat narcolepsy, excessive drowsiness, shift work sleep disorder and sleep apnea. It is available in strength of 50mg to 250mg. It has been approved by FDA in 2007 and its branded version is Nuvigil. It is twice the strength of similar drug called Modafinil.

How does Armodafinil  work?

Armodafinil works by affecting certain chemicals in the brain that control sleep and wake-up cycle. However it should not be used to treat tiredness or hold back sleep when you do not have good enough reasons to stay awake. It is only used to stay awake during your normal working hours or work schedule that keeps you from having a normal sleep routine. It is therefore referred to as one of the smart drugs because it increases the cognitive abilities and facilitates the state of alertness for almost the entire day. Though it helps fight symptoms of several diseases and disorders it is more popular for its properties of improving concentration and focus.

Method of dosage of Armodafinil

Most popular strength of the drug amongst users is 150mg but Armodafinil comes in different strengths of 50mg, 200mg and 250mg. You along with your close physician can decide the strength that is most appropriate for you. Different individuals require different strength based on their age and body mass. So you essentially try different strengths at different times and then decide on the right one for you. You can have this drug one hour prior to the start of your night shift with or without food. If you take it over heavy (fatty) food the reaction time will be more. If you have been taking this drug regularly for a long time (couple of months or more) then you should not stop it suddenly. If you stop the drug suddenly you run the risk of severe withdrawal symptoms such as shaking, sweating, chills, nausea, vomiting and lack of concentration or a state of confusion. These withdrawal symptoms are observed in those users who have used Armodafinil for a long time and invariably in high doses. Reach your nearest hospital for emergency help in case you encounter above mentioned withdrawal symptoms. You should gradually decrease the doses by tapering them down. The drug has the property of creating dependence so it is important to take the drug as advised by physician or medical expert. Self-medication may force you into the one-way lane of addiction.

General precautions to be taken with Armodafinil

Firstly check whether you are in any way allergic to the active or inactive ingredient of the drug. This exercise will save you from unnecessary health complications. Discuss with your pharmacist. You are also supposed to give your medical history to your doctor/pharmacist especially if you have ailments concerning your heart, liver, kidney or any brain disorders and if you are regularly taking any drugs to manage these ailments. Prescription drugs, OTC drugs or herbal medicines taken to control depression, blood pressure alcoholic or any other drug addiction should also be reported to your doctor/pharmacist. Though the drug keeps you awake it shouldn’t be taken to control your sleep during driving or working on heavy machinery which requires quick reflexes and sharp concentration. Avoid taking alcohol or alcoholic beverages if you are taking Armodafinil. The mix of two can lead to severe medical condition beyond your control. Report your doctor if you have been regularly taking morphine, marijuana or other similar drugs. If you are going for any surgery or dental implant make sure to inform your doctor about your regular dose of Armodafinil and similar drugs. Pregnant women and nursing mothers should consult their doctors before going on Armodafinil therapy as the drug is likely to impact the health of their foetus or nursing babies.

Possible drug interactions with Armodafinil

Firstly do not stop or randomly change doses of medicines you have been taking regularly to accommodate Armodafinil. Instead talk to your doctor to get this sorted to avoid any drug interaction. Armodafinil may react with street drugs like metamphetamine, MMDA/ecstasy. It may reduce the effectiveness of hormonal birth control pills, patch or ring leading to accidental pregnancy. Talk to your doctor for alternative solutions. Again caffeine is reported to interact with this drug. So it is advisable to stay away from tea, coffee, colas, chocolates in huge quantity or any beverages that have caffeine content. This drug is similar to Modafinil so stay away from medicines having Modafinil as its main ingredient.

Possible side effects of Armodafinil

The list of common side effects of the drug is given below:

  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Dry mouth
  • Dizziness
  • Insomnia

If these persist for a longer time then you should be reaching your doctor.

If you encounter any of the below listed severe side effects then you should get in touch with your doctor at the earliest.

  • Irregular heart beat
  • Erratic mood swings
  • Agitation
  • Depression
  • Hallucinations
  • Confusion
  • Thoughts of suicide
  • Any allergic reactions

Report your nearest hospital in case you experience any of the above severe side effects.

In case of missed dose of Armodafinil

Keep a fixed time pattern for taking Armodafinil and follow it throughout the therapy period. If you still skip the dose by any chance then take it as soon as you remember but not during bed time. If you are closely approaching the time of your next dose then just ignore the skipped dose and continue with the next dose. Do not take double dose to compensate with the missed dose as it may trigger medical complications and even emergency situation beyond your control.

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